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microsoft/CorrelationVector-Swift 1.0.0
CorrelationVector-Swift provides the Swift implementation of the CorrelationVector protocol for tracing and correlation of events through a distributed system.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/microsoft/CorrelationVector-Swift.git", from: "1.0.0")

Carthage compatible


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Swift Package Manager

  1. Run swift package init if it hasn't been initialized
  2. Add the following dependency to the Package section in Package.swift:
dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/microsoft/CorrelationVector-Swift.git", from: "1.0.0")
  1. Add dependency to the Package > targets > target > dependencies section
    name: "YourApp",
    dependencies: ["CorrelationVector"])
  1. Run swift build to download, link and compile dependencies


  1. Run pod init if it hasn't been initialized
  2. Add the following line to the corresponding target section in the Podfile:
pod 'CorrelationVector'
  1. Run pod install

Learn more about using CocoaPods in the official guide.


  1. Run touch Cartfile if Cartfile hasn't been created
  2. Add the following line in Cartfile:
github "microsoft/CorrelationVector-Swift"
  1. Run carthage update --platform iOS and follow the additional steps in order to add the framework to your project.


For general info on correlation vector, refer to specification.

Initialize new vector

// Implicit creation
let correlationVector = CorrelationVector()

// Explicit creation
let correlationVectorV1 = CorrelationVector(.v1)
let correlationVectorV2 = CorrelationVector(.v2)

// Automatic version detection
let parsedCorrelationVector = CorrelationVector.parse("vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1")

Create new vector by extending an existing value

// Initialize "vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1.0" correlation vector by extending an existing value
do {
    let correlationVector = try CorrelationVector.extend("vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1")
} catch CorrelationVectorError.invalidArgument(let description) {
    // log the error
} catch CorrelationVectorError.invalidOperation(let description) {
    // log the error
} catch {
    // log the error


NOTE: Spin operator can only be used on v2 correlation vectors

let correlationVector = CorrelationVector(.v2)
let params = SpinParameters(interval: .fine, periodicity: .short, entropy: .two)
do {
    let spinCorrelationVector = try CorrelationVector.spin(correlationVector.value, params)
} catch {
    // log the error

General methods

do {
    // Initialize "vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1.0" correlation vector by extending an existing value
    let correlationVector = try CorrelationVector.extend("vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1")
} catch {
    // log the error

// Get base of cv ("vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf")
let base = correlationVector.base

// Get extension of cv (0)
let ext = correlationVector.extension

// Increment existing vector and return result ("vtul4NUsfs9Cl7mOf.1.1")
let newValue = correlationVector.increment()


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