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michaelnisi/feedkit v16.0.1
Searchable caching feed client
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🕓 32 weeks ago
iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/michaelnisi/feedkit.git", from: "v16.0.1")


The FeedKit Swift Package is a feed reading client specialized for podcast feeds. It implements searching, browsing, and caching feeds, as well as subscription management for a single user.

With FeedKit at its core, Podest is the most efficient podcast app.


FeedKit does not connect with feed providers or iTunes directly, instead it consumes JSON from two optimized REST APIs for browsing and searching.


With fanboy-http and manger-http running locally (on ports 8383 and 8384), do:

$ swift test


📦 Add https://github.com/michaelnisi/feedkit to your package manifest.


MIT License


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Release Notes

19.0.0 🔀
32 weeks ago

More resilient HTTP redirect handling with somewhat fuzzier, but apparently more resilient, logic.

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