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A much faster version of JSONDecoder

Coverage: 96% Cocoapods compatible SwiftPM compatible


These benchmarks were done on a Macbook Pro. The results are very similar on the iPhone (ZippyJSON is 3x+ faster for all 3 files on both platforms).


Just replace JSONDecoder with ZippyJSONDecoder wherever you want to use it. So instead of let decoder = JSONDecoder(), do let decoder = ZippyJSONDecoder(), and everything will just work. This is because ZippyJSONDecoder has the exact same API as JSONDecoder (i.e. it's drop-in). Also, don't forget to add import ZippyJSON in files where you use it.

Why is it so much faster?

  • Apple's version first converts the JSON into an NSDictionary using NSJSONSerialization and then afterwards makes things Swifty. The creation of that intermediate dictionary is expensive.
  • ZippyJSON is built largely in C++ (but still with a Swift interface wrapped around it). For the initial parsing (you might call it tokenizing), it uses simdjson, a very fast library that makes good use of vectorization. Apple, on the other hand, uses entirely Swift (aside from the use of NSJSONSerialization) which is generally slower.
  • There are many specific optimizations in there as well. For example, date parsing for ISO-8601 dates is 10x faster due to using JJLISO8601DateFormatter instead of Apple's date formatter.

So, it's largely due to Apple trying to be elegant and operate at a higher level.

When should you use this library?

At first, default to using JSONDecoder. It's very battle-tested, and for plenty of use cases is just fine. Then, once you start looking for new things to optimize, take a look at how long your JSON parsing is taking. After all, JSON parsing can be a bottleneck for getting data to the user. As a rule of thumb, divide its current time taken by 4 to approximate the time taken with ZippyJSON. If that difference is significant to you (and even milliseconds can impact a user experience!), then consider using ZippyJSON.

Future improvements

There are still many places in the code that are ripe for optimization. Feel free to submit a ticket if you have a specific case where you need more performant JSON parsing, and where ZippyJSON is not already 4x faster than Apple's. JSONEncoder and NSJSONSerialization are also promising for optimzation, please chime in if you need one of these improved.



ZippyJSON is available through CocoaPods (SPM support is in the works). To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'ZippyJSON'

You can also make it pod 'ZippyJSON', :inhibit_warnings => true if you want to suppress all warnings.

SwiftPM (iOS only)

Add the package in the SwiftPM packages area with repository URL https://github.com/michaeleisel/ZippyJSON


Michael Eisel, michael.eisel@gmail.com


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1.2.1 -

  • Improved performance when codingPath is being computed a lot (e.g., because the decoding has a lot of errors being thrown and caught)
  • More accurate results for codingPath - there are no longer any known issues with it, and in some cases it's more accurate than Apple
  • Fixed theoretical use-after-free issue in a situation where a KeyedDecodingContainer or UnkeyedDecodingContainer were to somehow live on after the parent decoder has been deallocated

1.2.0 -

  • ZippyJSON now uses the fastest string-to-double parser in existence (co-authored by @lemire and I, and included as part of simdjson 0.3.1)
  • simdjson, which does a lot of behind-the-scenes processing for ZippyJSON, is now upgraded to version 0.3.1. As a result of the new APIs, the ZippyJSON code is now substantially simpler
  • Fixed bug that occurred when having a new UnkeyedDecodingContainer variable point to an existing one (https://github.com/michaeleisel/ZippyJSON/issues/24)
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

1.1.1 -

  • Fixed double-free error in rare conditions (when Swift throws an exception upon trying to make a keyed decoding container with a non-dictionary JSON entity, which is then caught within the decoding init method, and then later tries to construct another object of that type)

1.1.0 -

A number of stability improvements and performance upgrades:

  • Many more unit tests, and 96%+ test coverage 🎉
  • Fixed bug around custom implementations of init(with: Decoder) that use an unkeyed container or a super decoder
  • Fixed bug around custom implementations of init(with: Decoder) that use decodeNil, where it would skip over a non-nil array item if there was one
  • Fixed issue when decoding a Decimal
  • Reduced memory consumption during decoding
  • Added conformance to TopLevelDecoder
  • Better performance, due to a number of changes: all test JSON files have been benchmarked as being 4-6x faster on both platforms (previously, it was only 3x+)


Do not use this version, as it has issues with SwiftPM

1.0.1 -

  • Added SwiftPM support 🎉 (iOS only, due to issues with SwiftPM)
  • Fixed bug where non-ASCII chars in a string in a JSON array would cause a performance regression
  • Reworked the C++ layer to use way fewer thread-locals, making the ZippyJSON reentrant and using less global locking
  • Fixed memory leak with floating-point error strings
  • Provide better error message when the JSON data given is 0 bytes in length




0.0.1 -