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mhanlon/MyColorPicker 1.0.0
A Swift package that will add a color picker progression to your Teacher Toolkit
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🕓 2 weeks ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/mhanlon/MyColorPicker.git", from: "1.0.0")


A package that implements the Develop in Swift Explorations Color Picker project from Unit 4.

Part One

  • Use a toggle to change the fill color of a shape
  • Learn about @State for our binding, because we're changing the value of the isToggled variable

Part Two

  • We add more bindings
  • We use a computed property to construct the color from the different toggles selected

Part Three

  • More values, this time for the sliders to bind to
  • Sliders, the control, are introduced

Part Four

  • We add a reset button
  • We also add a tintColor to all our switches and sliders


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Last commit: 2 weeks ago
jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

2 weeks ago

This is the first release of our MyColorPicker package for use in the TeacherToolkit

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