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This is simple console application for macOS to create dynamic wallpapers introduced in macOS Mojave. Here you can watch how dynamic wallpapers works. Also you can read more about dynamic wallpapers in following articles:

Build and install

You need to have latest XCode (10.2) and Swift 5 installed.


Open your terminal and run following commands.

brew tap mczachurski/wallpapper
brew install wallpapper


Open your terminal and run following commands.

git clone https://github.com/mczachurski/wallpapper.git
cd wallpapper
swift build --configuration release
sudo cp .build/x86_64-apple-macosx/release/wallpapper /usr/local/bin

If you are using swift in version 4.1, please edit Package.swift file and put there your version of swift (in first line).

Now in the console you can run wallpapper -h and you should got a response similar to the following one.

wallpapper: [command_option] -i inputFile
Command options are:
 -h			show this message and exit
 -o			output file name (default is 'output.heic')
 -i			input file name, json file with wallpaper description

That's all. Now you can build your own dynamic wallpappers.


If you get an error during the Swift build portion of install, try downloading the entire Xcode IDE (not just the tools) from the app store. Then run

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer 

and run the installation command again.

Getting started

If you have done above commands now you can build dynamic wallpaper. It's really easy. First you have to put all you pictures into one folder and in the same folder create json file with picture's description. json file have to have structure like on below snippet.

    "fileName": "1.png",
    "isPrimary": true,
    "isForLight": true,
    "isForDark": false,
    "altitude": 27.95,
    "azimuth": 279.66
    "fileName": "2.png",
    "isPrimary": false,
    "isForLight": false,
    "isForDark": false,
    "altitude": -31.05,
    "azimuth": 4.16
    "fileName": "16.png",
    "isPrimary": false,
    "isForLight": false,
    "isForDark": true,
    "altitude": -28.63,
    "azimuth": 340.41


  • fileName - name of picture file name.
  • isPrimary - information about image which is primary image (it will be visible after creating heic file). Only one of the file can be primary.
  • isForLight - if true picture will be displayed when user chose "Light (static)" wallpaper
  • isForDark - if true picture will be displayed when user chose "Dark (static)" wallpaper
  • altitude - is the angle between the Sun and the observer's local horizon.
  • azimuth - that is the angle of the Sun around the horizon.

To calculate proper altitude and azimuth you can use that page: https://keisan.casio.com/exec/system/1224682277. You have to put place where you take a photo and the date. Then system generate for you altitude and azimuth of the Sun during whole day.

When you have json file and all pictures then you can generate heic file. You have to run following command:

wallpapper -i wallpapper.json

You should got a new file: output.heic. Set this file as a new wallpaper and enjoy you own dynamic wallpaper!


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1.2.2 - Aug 15, 2018

Fix issue:

  • #8 Support of absolute URLs

1.2.1 - Aug 5, 2018


  • fix console output with help messages

1.2.0 - Aug 5, 2018


  • show message when image finalizing fails
  • more logs on console.

1.1.0 - Jul 31, 2018


  • #4 Fix error when json not contains 16 images.
  • Adjustments for Apple changes in dynamic wallpapers.

1.0.0 - Jul 12, 2018