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This helper library includes some of the most basic and used commonly written features in everyday Swift development such as:

  • JSONDecodable: implement this protocol in order to transform JSON's data Decodable compliant models and worry only about passing in its Type and decoding strategy (only if you wish to for the later one, otherwise a .default will be implemented for you)

  • JSONHelper: read locally stored files within your project or inside the app's bundle with this factory class.

  • And more: deque your UITableView/UICollectionView in a typesafe way. Avoid the guard-let-else dance altogether or even worse: the infamaus force casting !

  • Several Array/Sequence helper methods such as .generateRandomElements(arraySize: Int), .average, numberOfOccurrences(of inputTarget: Element) and more!

Feel free to submit your pull requests and I'll happily check them. Thanks!


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