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This package is based on the package ARKit-FocusNode, but adapted to work in Apple's Augmented Reality framework, RealityKit.

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FocusEntity Example 1

The Example looks identical to the above GIF, which uses the FESquare class (Focus Entity Square).

Minimum Requirements

  • Swift 5.0
  • iOS 13.0 (RealityKit)
  • Xcode 11

If you're unfamiliar with using RealityKit, I would also recommend reading my articles on Getting Started with RealityKit.


Swift Package Manager

Add the URL of this repository to your Xcode 11+ Project.



See the Example for a full working example as can be seen in the GIF above

  • After installing, import FocusEntity to your .swift file
  • Create an instance of FESquare(), or another FocusEntity class.
  • Add the ARSmartHitTest protocol to ARView or any subclass you might be using:
extension ARView: ARSmartHitTest {}
  • Set the FocusEntity's viewDelegate to the ARView & ARSmartHitTest class.
  • Using the ARSessionDelegate, define the session(_:didUpate:) function with a call to focusEntity.updateFocusNode()

If something's not making sense in the Example, send me a tweet or Fork & open a Pull Request on this repository to make something more clear.

I'm hoping to make the animations look a little smoother over time, but any and all contributions are welcome and encouraged.

Please follow the guide for creating GitHub Issues, otherwise I may simply close them.

The original code to create this repository has been adapted from one of Apple's examples from 2018, license also included. I have merely adapted the code to be used and distributed from within a Swift Package, and now further adapted to work with RealityKit.


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