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Walllpaper 👨🏻‍🎨

Important Notice (18 Feb 2018): Dribbble retired most of their API endpoints which made this server useless, therefore we've taken down our server. The marketing pages are now stored on Github and the walllpaper data is now served statically from the iOS device.

The server side code of Walllpaper App, written in Swift.

Walllpaper turns Dribbble shots into wallpapers by extending the color on the edges.

In the future I might open source the iOS app code too...

🤖 Before building (dependencies)


  • Run brew install mysql followed by mysql_secure_installation to setup a database
  • Install Xcode
  • Run vapor xcode, this will create the Xcode project

Ubuntu (server):

  • Run sudo apt-get install libcurl3
  • Run apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev python-mysqldb followed by mysql_secure_installation to setup a database


  • Create a MySQL database called walllpaper, e.g. using the mysql CLI: CREATE DATABASE walllpaper;
  • Config/mysql.json contains the database credentials

🚧 Building


📖 Documentation

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🔧 Compatibility

This package has been tested on macOS and Ubuntu.


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