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Simple executable to produce code coverage numbers from the output of `swift test --enable-code-coverage`
.package(url: "https://github.com/mattpolzin/swift-test-codecov.git", from: "0.10.0")


I'm writing this because tooling that can ingest the code coverage report produced by swift test --enable-code-coverage is shockingly hard to find.



The library has a pretty small and straight forward interface. I have not had time to write about it here in the README, but taking a look at how the executable target uses the library target should be pretty informative.


USAGE: swift-test-codecov <codecov-filepath> [--metric <metric>] [--minimum <minimum-coverage>] [--print-format <print-format>] [--sort <sort>] [--dependencies]

  <codecov-filepath>      the location of the JSON file output by `swift test --enable-code-coverage`. 
        You will find this in the build directory.

        For example, if you've just performed a debug build, the file will be located at `./.build/debug/codecov/<package-name>.json`.

  -m, --metric <metric>   The metric over which to aggregate. One of lines, functions, instantiations (default: lines)
  -v, --minimum <minimum-coverage>
                          The minimum coverage allowed. A value between 0 and 100. Coverage below the minimum will result in exit code 1. (default: 0)
  -p, --print-format <print-format>
                          Set the print format. One of minimal, table, json (default: minimal)
  -s, --sort <sort>       Set the sort order for the coverage table. One of filename, +cov, -cov (default: filename)
  -d, --dependencies      Include dependencies in code coverage calculation. 
  -h, --help              Show help information.

Building Docker Image

Run docker build -t swift-test-codecov . to build the docker image.


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Release Notes

More useful output
23 weeks ago

Without changing the actual aggregation features, adds the ability to print a JSON representation of results containing all the information used in building out the table output and the summary.


  • There is no longer a -t/--table option; use --print-format=table instead now.
  • All output options used to short-circuit on failure and just print a message about the test coverage not meeting the minimum requirements; now, the script will exit with code 1 in the same situations but it will always print out the desired format of output (JSON, table, or just the percentage).

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