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matrix-org/matrix-analytics-events v0.9.0
Cross-platform definitions of analytics events raised by matrix SDKs
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.package(url: "https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-analytics-events.git", from: "v0.9.0")


This repository contains JSON schema defining analytics events raised by the Matrix client SDKs.

It also contains a generator of type stubs for these events which can be used by the client SDKs. Using these stubs ensures events raised comply with the schema via compile-time type verification.

You can find an overview of the analytics events here.


/schemas contains one JSON schema file per event, each named exactly according to the name of that event (case-sensitive).

/types contain type stubs generated from these schemas in the different client languages we support.

Generating new type stubs

After creating or updating an event schema, you need to generate new type stubs and commit them along with your changes to the events.

To install the stub generator (only needed once), you'll need on your system

For me, the easiest way to install python 3.10 was via pyenv, then poetry was happy to recognise it after running pyenv local 3.10.0.

Then run


To generate the stubs:

yarn build

Guidelines for creating new event schema

  • One schema per .json. The filename should match the event's name, including case.

  • Each schema should contain an eventName property declared as an enum with a single value. This convention can be relied upon by consumers of stubs as a way to get the correct name to send for that event.

    For example:

"eventName": {
  "enum": ["Error"]
  • You must describe your event using description fields. Your audience might be unfamiliar with the codebase, or non-technical, so don't refer to code concepts and try to describe things in general but accurate terms. English grammar must be respected, in particular sentences must end with punctuation (eg a period).

Description examples


  "type": "object",
  "description": "Triggered when the user changed screen.",
  "properties": {
    "eventName": {
      "enum": ["Screen"]

Primitive properties

"durationMs": {
  "description": "How long the screen was displayed for in milliseconds.",
  "type": "integer"


"screenName": {
  "type": "string",
  "oneOf": [
    {"const": "Welcome", "description": "The splash screen."},


Use "Run workflow". Refer to SemVer for versioning semantics. This workflow will bump the version, publish NPM and create a GitHub release. The Swift consumer uses SwiftPM and can target the latest released version, the Kotlin consumer pulls this repo weekly.


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Release Notes

Release 0.9.0
3 weeks ago

0.9.0 Release

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