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Realm stack helper
.package(url: "https://github.com/martin-lalev/FlooidRealm.git", from: "0.0.20")


FlooidRealm is a simple wrapper around the Realm framework, designed to give you the same syntax as FlooidCoreData (wrapper around the CoreData framework) where the only difference are the class name prefixes (Realm- vs CoreData-).

Of course, you will need to provide different model implementations (NSManagedObjects for CoreData and Objects for Realm) which may lead to slight differences in how you get or set their properties.




pod 'FlooidRealm', :git => 'https://github.com/martin-lalev/FlooidRealm', :tag => '0.0.12'


  1. Create a RealmProvider: this object stores the Realm.Configuration as well as a refence to a main thread Realm object. It can also provide you with a background Realm object via a closure
let realmProvider = RealmProvider(inMemory: false)

let mainContext = realmProvider.mainContext
// do stuff on the main thread via mainContext

realmProvider.performInBackground(action: { backgroundContext, done in
  // do stuff in background via backgroundContext and once ready call done()
}, then: {
  // do stuff back on the main thread
  1. Conform your Realm entity classes to DataObjectProtocol
extension UserRealmObject: DataObjectProtocol {
    public static func idKey() -> String { return "id" }


When you use RealmProvider's mainContext (or the background one via performInBackground) what you actually get is an object of type RealmContext, which wraps a Realm object. Using this object you can perform transactions, execute queries, get live results, or find or create entities.

let context: RealmContext

// Transactions
context.transaction { transactionContext

  // Find or create
  let user = UserRealmObject.findOrCreate(forID: "123", in: transactionContext)
  // Delete
  // Find One (and update)
  let user2 = UserRealmObject.object(forID: "111", in: transactionContext)
  user2?.name = "Jon Anec"
// After the block is completed, the `context` object takes care of merging the changes you've made.

// Querying
let adminUsersQuery = UserRealmObject.query(in: context)
    .filter(NSPredicate("role = %@", "admin"))
    .filter(NSPredicate("deleted = %d", false)) // Chaining filters will result in "NSCompoundPredicate(andPredicateWithSubpredicates:)" on them
    .sort(NSSortDescriptor(key: "name", ascending: true))

let adminUsers = adminUsersQuery.execute()

// Get an automatically updatable (and observable) results object
let adminUsersResults = adminUsersQuery.results()
let usersFromResult = adminUsersResults.objects

adminUsersResults.addObserver(self, #selector(usersChanged), .updated)


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