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Based on the rules of the card game Set, this package discovers sets within a collection of cards.


Add a dependency to the package in your Packge.swift file:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/martco/SetDetective.git", from: "1.0.2")

Run swift build


Each card is represented as an array of 4 strings, with each element of the array referring to a different feature of the card. For example, a card that has one red solid oval in it would be ["one", "red", "solid", "ovals"]. The order of the features is arbitrary. The labels that you use for each feature value (ovals vs oval) are also arbitrary.

The order and labels must be consistent, however, for every card that is part of a collection.

An exaple of three cards (which also make a Set):

let cards = [
  ["one", "red", "solid", "ovals"],
  ["one", "green", "solid", "ovals"]
  ["one", "purple", "solid", "ovals"]


For cards above, SetDetective().discoverSets(cards) will return an array containing those cards. SetDetective can take an arbitrary number of cards and use them to detect sets. The exampe below shows a full set of 12 cards.

import SetDetective


// each element in the array represents the features in a set card
let testTableSet = [

SetDetective().discoverSets(testTableSet)  // returns the 6 sets 


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