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A library of delightfully light extensions to simplify working with SwiftUI and Combine in real-world apps
.package(url: "https://github.com/markiv/Fondue.git", from: "1.0.7")


Fondue 🫕

A library of delightfully light extensions to simplify working with SwiftUI and Combine in real-world apps.

Literal URLs

URL is now ExpressibleByStringLiteral, so we can conveniently express them like this:

let url: URL = "https://server.domain/path"

We've deliberately restricted this to literal strings, since it's reasonable to expect that they're as free of typos as your code. 😉

URL Parameters

We've taught URL to deal with query parameters like a dictionary[^1]:

url.parameters["query"] = "fondue"

[^1]: Strictly speaking, URLs can have multiple parameters with the same name (e.g. a=1&a=2), and some server-side frameworks gather these into arrays. But in many real-life projects, we think of each parameter as uniquely-named. If this is also your case, you might find it more convenient to treat query parameters just like a dictionary.

URL & URLRequest Modifiers

Inspired by SwiftUI's extensive use of modifiers, we've given a few to URL and URLRequest:

let base: URL = "https://server.domain/api"
let url = base.with(parameters: ["query": "fondue"])
let request = url.request(.post, path: "path")
    .adding(parameters: ["page": 1])

URL.request() and URLRequest.publisher()

Getting a Combine publisher from URLRequest or URL couldn't be simpler:

let base: URL = "https://api.foo.com/api/employees"

func employee(id: String) -> AnyPublisher<Employee, Error> {
    base.request(path: id).publisher()

The new modifiers let you fluently set HTTP method, headers and automatic body encoding, for example:

func createToken(email: String, password: String) -> AnyPublisher<TokenResponseBody, Error> {
    base.request(.post, path: "UserProfiles/CreateToken")
        .adding(header: "ApplicationToken", value: applicationToken)
        .with(body: TokenRequestBody(email: email, password: password))


A convenient way to provide asynchronous data to a View. It publishes the output, busy and error states so that they can be bound to a View.

struct SomeView: View {
    @StateObject var model = ObservableProcessor { SomeAPI.get() }
    var body: some View {
        List(model.output ?? []) { item in


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