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License: MIT


(Supports iOS, macOS and Linux)

This project is composed of a stand-alone library of easing functions implemented in Swift.

Type of supported functions

  • Quadratic
  • Cubic
  • Quartic
  • Quintic
  • Sine
  • Circular
  • Exponential
  • Elastic
  • Back
  • Bounce

Each type has its own separate ease-In, ease-Out and ease-In-Out form.

The functions are design to accept a generic floating-point value as time parameter, and return a floating-point denoting the rate of change of a property over time.

Supported argument types:

  • Float
  • Double


The Curve type allows access to all the different functions, for example:

let x: Float = 0.3
let a = Curve.quadratic.easeIn(x)
// a = 0.09

let x2: Double = 0.5
let b = Curve.sine.easeOut(x2)
// b = 0.7071067811865

Here's an example of the use of the elastic ease-in-out function in an array of 75 points in the [0, 1] interval.

Want to use with CGFloat?

Simply add a CGFloat extension adopting FloatingPointMath:

extension CGFloat: FloatingPointMath {

   public var sine: CGFloat {
      return sin(self)

   public var cosine: CGFloat {
      return cos(self)

   public var powerOfTwo: CGFloat {
      return pow(2, self)


Swift Package Manager (iOS, macOS and Linux)

Add Easing to your package manifest as a dependency, by adding the github URL to your Package.swift, e.g.:

 // swift-tools-version:4.0

 import PackageDescription

 let package = Package(
    name: "MyAwsomeProject",
    dependencies: [
          .package(url: "https://github.com/manuelCarlos/Easing.git", .branch("feature/SPMIntegration"))
    targets: [
           name: "MyAwsomeProject",
           dependencies: ["Easing"])
  • To quickly generate a Xcode project, navigate to the project folder in the terminal and run:

    swift package generate-xcodeproj

    (In order to generate an Easing.xcodeprojfrom the project's Package.swift, be sure to have the Swift compiler installed and Swift added to your $PATH)

  • To quickly run the tests:

    swift test


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