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Swift Package of useful tools for Cocoa Development.


Refer to code documentation for explanation for specific calls.

Closure Typealiases Magic

Typealiases for Closures.

For example, ImageClosure is a typealais for a Closure that has no results, but it passed a NSImage.

Panel Magic

Extensions to the abstract structure CocoaSpellBook to easily manage Save & Open Panels. Some of the calls require Closures that will be invoked with the specific information (URL, Data, etc.), assuming the user has entered the correct information.

For example, saveFile(data:,type:) is a function that displays a save panel to save given data as given file type. If new file is referenced, data is saved to that file.

NSApp Magic

Extensions to the abstract structure CocoaSpellBook to open item external to the source code (URLs, embeded Files, Help manager).

For example, openURL() is a function that is passed an URL, and invokes it (usually opening Safari).


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Release 1.0.0 - 2021-01-13T04:09:22

Initial Release 1.0.0

Includes Closure Typealiases, Save/Open Panel functions & NSApp functions.