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lukacs-m/SafeCache 0.1.2
Thread Safe generic caching for swift projects
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.package(url: "https://github.com/lukacs-m/SafeCache.git", from: "0.1.2")


This is package purpose is to offer a thread safe cache service for swift projects. It is based on the article of John Sundell on how to implement a Cache service in swift while leveraging the power of NSCache. Caching By Sundell The implementation contains a actor wrapper around NSCache to make it compatible with the new Async/Await concurrency of Swift. It also offers a way to persist data on disk in some cases.


  • ☑ Caching
  • ☑ Uses of Apple's new structured concurrency (Async/Await)
  • ☑ Disk Persistency
  • ☑ Use the power of Generics
  • ☑ Tested

Getting Started


SafeCache is installed via the official Swift Package Manager.

Select Xcode>File> Swift Packages>Add Package Dependency...
and add https://github.com/lukacs-m/SafeCache.

Create a Cache

To create an instance of SafeCache it is very easy. You just need to instanciate it with a Key/Value type and voila you can now start a caching festival. The following implementation has a type String for the keys and CachedObject as the value type saved in this instance of cache.

// Default
struct CachedObject {
 let text = "I'm the cached object"

let cacheClient = SafeCache<String, CachedObject>() 

Of course the key and value type combo could be completly different.


Add element to cache

    await cacheClient.insert(ElementToAdd, forKey: key)

Get element for key from cache

    let value = await cacheClient.value(forKey: key)

Remove one element of cahche

    await cacheClient.removeValue(forKey: key)

Remove all element of cache

    await cacheClient.removeAll()


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Release Notes

Removed date provider from init
1 year ago

Removing a date provider from the init of safecache

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