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"Nau mai" is Māori for "Welcome".

NauMaiView is a very simple horizontally sliding, image-based SwiftUI View package. It is designed to be a bare-bones way to add a "Welcome" experience. NauMaiView sets out to support macOS 11 and iOS/iPadOS 14 initially.

It has a minimal feature set right now, and will likely change and evolve according to my needs.
NauMaiView is a zero-production-dependency Swift Package. The unit test target adds the awesome ViewInpsector to add some coverage.

See the SwiftUI Previews for an example of how to use and code comments for details.

Animated GIF Preview of NauMaiView


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NauMaiView - 0.1.0 Beta - 2021-01-05T16:27:35

First release!

  • Arbitrary image inputs
  • Interactive page control and swipe-able images
  • Configurable delays for passive interaction and active interaction