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Development Packages for Sirius

Useful development packages for Sirius control system.


  • siriuspy: Sirius control system classes and utility functions used in user and machine applications.
  • siriusdm: Sirius extensions of PyDM.

Integration tests:

  • To run integration test for siriuspy before pull-requests, issue the following commands:
    • cd siriuspy/tests
    • python-sirius -m unittest discover


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v1.7.0 - Jun 19, 2018

  • Tested IOC for FBP power supplies.
  • Allow for more than one PRUController per process
  • Tested IOC for FBP_DCLink
  • New beaglebone mapping file

v1.6.0 - Jun 19, 2018

  • Working version of PS IOCs for simple topology: no DCLinks included. All power supply modes tested in the test bench.

v1.5.0 - May 15, 2018

New BeagleBone, E2SController and PRUController classes.

  • PRUserial485 v1.3.1
  • PS controller firmware 'V0.11b2018-05-08V0.11b2018-05-08' (tests-fac)

v1.4.0 - May 9, 2018

Release with PS supply classes before rewriting all classes from bottom up

v1.3.0 - Apr 10, 2018