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Lithium Community iOS SDK UI

The Lithium Community iOS SDK is currently in open beta

The li-ios-sdk-ui package is an optional UI library that includes a support-focused Community workflow. The package includes set of activities and fragments supporting message lists, message posting, community browsing and navigation, and keyword search. For full details about the SDK components, see Community iOS SDK UI Overview.

The UI components package requires the li-ios-sdk-core package.

Note: In order to create the best possible product and experience, we will continue to iterate on the SDK throughout the beta period. Features may change before the product is generally available. We will post updates and changes in the Current Betas forum.

Getting started

To get started with the Community iOS SDK Support UI:

  1. Complete the tasks in Getting Started with the Community iOS SDK.
  2. Initialize LiHomeViewController, like below and push it in a navigation stack like this:
     This function return the instance of LiHomeViewController.
     - parameter isSSOLogin: True if SSO should be used for login, else false.
     - parameter ssoToken: SSO token if you are using login via SSO. If isSSOLogin is `true` and ssoToken is `nil` then it will result in anonymous browsing. (Optional)
     - parameter deviceToken: device token for notification. (Optional)
     - parameter notificationProvider: Optional, your notification provider. Possible values - 'APNS', 'FIREBASE'
let vc = LiHomeViewController.makeHomeViewController(isSSOLogin: false, ssoToken: nil, deviceToken: deviceToken, notificationProvider: "APNS")
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(vc!, animated: false)
  1. Setup the title of the community on HomeView and the tint color of your action items like this:
LiUISDKManager.sharedInstance.set(communityName: "<Name of your community>")
LiUISDKManager.sharedInstance.set(globalTintColor: <tint color as UIColor>)

View controller index

| View Controller | Purpose | | --------------- | ------- | | LiProfieViewController | Manages the UI for the User Profile view | | LiBoardViewController | Manages the UI of topic messages when viewing a board screen | | LiBaseNewMessageViewController | The base view controller for LiNewMessageViewController and LiReplyViewController | | LiNewMessageViewController | Manages the UI for the New Message screen. Inherits from BaseNewMessageViewController | | LiReplyViewController | Manages the UI for the Reply screen. Inherits from BaseNewMessageViewController | | LiBaseBrowseViewController | The base view controller for screens browse boards and categories | | LiBrowseViewController | Manages the UI for browsing the Community structure | | LiChooseBoardViewController | Manages the UI for browsing the Community structure to select a board in which to post a new message | | LiTopicListViewController | Manages the UI for topic message lists | | LiMessageViewController | Manages the UI for a message view screen | | LiHomeViewController | Manages the UI for a Community Home screen where users can see latest posts, start a topic, and browse the Community structure |


Except as otherwise noted, the Community iOS SDK UI is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Copyright 2018 Lithium Technologies

Example app

The Lithium Community Example Application is a basic implementation of the Community iOS SDK. The reference application shows the fastest way to get a Lithium Community backed application running quickly. You can download the reference app from Github.

Getting help

Visit the Developers Discussion forum on the Lithium Community to ask questions and talk with other members of the Lithium Developer community.

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