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leif-ibsen/SwiftRSA 2.4.0
RSA Cryptography in Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/leif-ibsen/SwiftRSA.git", from: "2.4.0")


SwiftRSA provides RSA cryptography in Swift. This encompasses:

  • RSA key pair creation
  • Loading existing keys from their PEM and DER encodings
  • Encryption and decryption using either the PKCS1 scheme or the OAEP scheme
  • Signature signing and verifying using either the PKCS1 scheme or the PSS scheme

SwiftRSA requires Swift 5.0. It also requires that the Int and UInt types be 64 bit types.

Its documentation is build with the DocC plugin and published on GitHub Pages at this location:


The documentation is also available in the SwiftRSA.doccarchive file.


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Release Notes

Release 2.4.0
5 days ago

About SwiftRSA release 2.4.0:

  1. The functionality and API is unchanged from release 2.3.0

  2. The documentation has been restructured

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