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lazarevzubov/GoodreadsService 1.0.0
Goodreads API Swift Package wrapper
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.package(url: "https://github.com/lazarevzubov/GoodreadsService.git", from: "1.0.0")


A simple wrapper around the Goodreads public API written in pure Swift.

This is a very early version consisting of only a couple of features.

Setting Up

GoodreadsService is a Swift Package and can be added to a project by the help of the Swift Package Manager using the git link https://github.com/lazarevzubov/GoodreadsService.git


Initializing Entry Point

GoodreadsService class is the one. It's created using only your own developer API key:

let service = GoodreadsService(key: key)


Books are represented by the Book type values. They consist of:

  • id – The string representing the Goodreads ID of the book.
  • authors – The string array of author full names.
  • title – The book title.
  • imageURL – The URL of the book cover in small resolution or nil if no cover found.
  • similarBookIDs – The string array of similar (recommended) books IDs.

Searching Books

Books can be queried by a book title, an author name, or any part of either.

let query = "Harry Potter"
let bookIDs = await service.searchBooks(query)

The completion argument value returned is an array of book ID strings. If nothing is found or an error has occurred, the empty array is passed.

Getting Book Info

Book info can be retrieved using IDs returned by the search books query.

let bookID = "3"
let book = await service.getBook(by: bookID)

The completion argument value returned is a book with the specified ID. If no book with the ID found or an error has occurred, nil is passed.

For Contributors

Code style guidelines shall be kept in mind.


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Release Notes

Image Quality Improvement
2 years ago

If a better image quality is available, it's saved to the Book.

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