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kzlekk/AsyncDispatcher 2.0.1
Simplified Dispatcher implementation of Flux pattern written in Swift using new async/await concurrency model
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.package(url: "https://github.com/kzlekk/AsyncDispatcher.git", from: "2.0.1")


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AsyncDispatcher is a lightweight Dispatcher implementation of Flux pattern.

Dispatcher protocol provides methods and properties allowing to control data flow by sending and handling actions serially but still executing them asynchronously using async/await pattern. Dispatcher can be used for state management of business logic components or/and UI components. Current Dispatcher design is based on the experience from building couple of commercial and personal projects, and efforts of simplifying state management code and trying not to dictate state container implementation too much.


Swift Package Manager

Add "AsyncDispatcher" dependency via integrated Swift Package Manager in XCode


Dispatcher can be either global or main thread actor. The state itself and dispatching actions can adopt separated actor to perform changes with.

Example of store object conforming to Dispatcher protocol adopting global actor for dispatching actions, but uses main actor for state access:

    @globalActor actor CounterStore: Dispatcher, GlobalActor {
        static var shared = CounterStore()
        // The state accessible only from the main thread
        @MainActor var count: Int = 0
        var pipeline = Pipeline()
        var middlewares = [] as Array<Middleware>
        var isDispatching = false

State management of the Dispatcher is done via dispatching well known actions. Each action implements its own logic how the for dispatcher's state should be modified.

Example Action implementation which is tied to the CounterDispatcher from the example above:

    extension CounterStore {
        struct Increment: Action {
            let value: Int = 1
            @MainActor func execute(with store: CounterStore) async {
                store.value += value // Values is allowed to be accessed directly from the main thread

It is possible to execute actions from another action allowing to make action composition:

    extension CounterStore {
        struct IncrementByThree: Action {
            // This action is executing from CounterStore's background actor context
            @CounterStore func execute(with store: CounterStore) async {
                await store.execute(Increment())
                await store.execute(Increment())
                await store.execute(Increment())

To change the state of the CounterStore from the examples above, we need to dispatch supported action:

    Task { @MaiActor in 
        let counterStore = CounterStore()
        await [
            counterStore.dispatch(CounterStore.Increment(value: 10))
        print(counterStore.count) // Should print: 11

If there is a possibility to use some sort of dependency injection, we can simplify action dispatching code even more:

    protocol CounterStoreAction where Dispatcher == CounterStore {}
    extension CounterStoreAction {
        func dispatch() async {
            await Dependencies.default.counterStore.dispatch(self)
        func schedule() {
            Task { await CounterStore.shared.dispatch(self) }
    extension CounterStore {     
        struct IncrementByOne: CounterStoreAction {
            @MainActor func execute(with store: CounterStore) async {
                store.value += 1
    // Dispatches the action to singleton store to be executed the main thread. 
    // This way it can be safely dispatched from any point in the code.


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