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SwiftResult provides a Result type which is compatible with the Result type proposed in SE-0235 (announcement about modifications), which may be added to the Swift standard library in Swift 5.x. Replacing third-party Result types with it may make it easier to migrate your code to Swift 5.x.

// An overload to return a `Result` instead of `throws`
extension JSONDecoder {
    func decode<T: Decodable>(_ type: T.Type, from json: JSON) -> Result<T, DecodingError> {

let json: JSON = ...

let person: Result<Person, DecodingError> = JSONDecoder().decode(Person.self, from: json)

switch person {
case .success(let person):
    ... // Success
case .failure(let error):
    ... // Failure

let age: Result<Int, DecodingError> = person.map { $0.age }
do {
    let age: Int = try age.get()
    // Uses `age` here
} catch let error {
    // Error handling


Swift Package Manager

Add the following to dependencies in your Package.swift.

    url: "https://github.com/koher/SwiftResult.git",
    from: "0.2.0"


github "koher/SwiftResult" ~> 0.2.0


Apache License. It follows Swift's license and Swift Evolution's license.


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0.2.0 - Dec 10, 2018

  • Rename Value to Success
  • Rename Error to Failure
  • Rename value to success
  • Rename error to failure
  • Rename unwrapped to get

0.1.0 - Nov 29, 2018

Implementation of the Result type proposed in SE-0235.

Because Swift 4.2.1 does not support self-conformance of Error, the constraint on the Error type parameter to conform to Swift.Error is currently disabled.