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knoggl/CleanUI 1.8.2
A SwiftUI / iOS framework.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/knoggl/CleanUI.git", from: "1.8.2")

CleanUI Documentation

What is CleanUI

CleanUI is a SwiftUI / iOS framework. CleanUI has many things build in to get you started to build your app. CleanUI is ripped out of the Knoggl iOS App to make a reusable framework, which can be worked on without directly changing things inside of the Knoggl iOS App. In other words, CleanUI is the heart of the Knoggl iOS App.

Live Preview

You can download the Knoggl-iOS App on the AppStore to have a very detailed preview with things CleanUI provides you.

What's Inside

CleanUI has many default views from simple to complex. CleanUI allows to make huge changes in your app with as little code as possible.

How To Use

CleanUI views have a CL prefix. CleanUI helper classes have a CU prefix.

Building The Documentation

  1. Build the Documentation with Xcode 13.3 / Swift 5.6
  2. Convert the .doccarchive with docc to use in static environments, by using the following command swift run docc process-archive transform-for-static-hosting /path/to/CleanUI.doccarchive --output-path /path/to/CleanUI/docs --hosting-base-path /CleanUI


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