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klassen-software-solutions/KSSCoreUI 2.0.0
Miscellaneous Swift UI utilities
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.package(url: "https://github.com/klassen-software-solutions/KSSCoreUI.git", from: "2.0.0")


Miscellaneous Swift UI utilities


This package is divided into a number of Swift Modules providing utility methods related to UI classes. A key feature of this package is that it has no dependencies other than the KSSCore libraries and a standard Apple development environment.

The modules provided by this package are the following:

  • KSSMap - items that depend on MapKit
  • KSSNativeUI - items that depend on either Cocoa (macOS) or UIKit (iOS)
  • KSSSwiftUI - items that depend on SwiftUI
  • KSSWeb - items that depend on WebKit

API Documentation

What is New in Version 2

There are no API changes in V2, however the minumum Mac OS is now 10.12 instead of 10.11 and the minimum KSSCore is V5.

Module Availability

Note that not all modules are available on all architectures. In addition, within a module there will be things that are only available on some architectures. For example, anything that depends on Cocoa will be available on macOS but not on iOS.

Presently we support the following:

  • macOS - All modules are available
  • iOS - All modules are available, except for KSSWeb.


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Release Notes

Version 2.0.0
1 year ago

There are no API changes in this version. But the dependencies have been updated and the minimum macOS version has been changed to 10.12.

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