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klassen-software-solutions/KSSCore 5.1.1
Miscellaneous Swift utilities
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.package(url: "https://github.com/klassen-software-solutions/KSSCore.git", from: "5.1.1")


Miscellaneous non-UI Swift utilities


This package is divided into a number of Swift Modules providing utility methods related to both UI and non-UI classes. At present only KSSFoundation and KSSTest are available on both Mac and Linux. The remaining modules are only available on Mac.

The modules provided by this package are the following:

  • KSSFoundation - items that depend on nothing but the Foundation classes
  • KSSTest - items that depend on XCTest

API Documentation

What Has Changed In Version 5

This was only going to be a minor change bringing us to V4.1, however the logging was becoming more and more cumbersome due to the limitations is OSX pre 10.12. So we have made 10.12 the new minimum for this library.

In addition this version includes the following:

  • Made the XCTest extension for expect more general and removed the older version of the API.
  • Added XCTestCase extensions for generating random test data.
  • Added the ability to watch a file and obtain the change notifications. This is a wrapper around the Apple Core Services, hence is not available on Linux.
  • Added a simple version of os_log for Linux for internal use only. (So some items that were previously logged in OSX and silent on Linux, are now logged on Linux as well.)
  • Added an additional duration version that computes a duration from a given date. This is more accurate than the previous version, which still exists, which does not require a given date but uses approximate values for the length of a month and year.
  • Added Dictionary extensions for dealing with case insensitive lookups.
  • Added InputStreamReader for efficiently reading streams in blocks.
  • Added a Platform struct to make it easier to determine what platform on which we are running.
  • Added a Wrapper class to allow a pass by value object to outlive the current scope.

What Has Changed In Version 4

The primary change from version 3 to 4 is that all the UI related items have been removed from this package into a separate package, KSSCoreUI. The primarily reason for this was to make it easier to deal with both Linux and Mac systems in the same library, without a lot of exceptions to our standard development tools.

In particular this eliminates the need for manually maintaining the Makefile when new modules are added since we no longer need to distinguish between Linux supported and non-Linux supported modules.

Module Availability

At present we support all modules in macOS, iOS, and Linux. Note that the only Linux we have tested on is Ubuntu.


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Release Notes

Version 5.1.1
4 weeks ago

This release fixes the following bug:

  • #58: Wrapper initializer is internal and needs to be public

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