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kkk669/swift-box 0.1.0
Rust's Box for Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/kkk669/swift-box.git", from: "0.1.0")



This Swift package provides two types, Box and BoxObject.

Box is a value type that wraps another value type for heap allocation like Rust's Box. Also, it is implemented with copy-on-write behavior.

BoxObject is almost the same as Box, but it's a reference type. If you copy the wrapped value, you can call its copy() method.


import Box

struct Foo {
    @Box var a: Int
    var b: Box<Int>
    var c: BoxObject<Int>

var foo = Foo(a: 3, b: .init(4), c: .init(9))
print(foo)  // Foo(_a: 3, b: 4, c: 9)

var bar = foo
bar.a = 10
bar.b.value = 5
bar.c.value = 99
print(foo)  // Foo(_a: 3, b: 4, c: 99)
print(bar)  // Foo(_a: 10, b: 5, c: 99)


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