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⏬ Help you get WWDC info easily, especially for subtitles.
.package(url: "https://github.com/kingcos/WWDCHelper.git", from: "v1.0.2")

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Inspired by qiaoxueshi/WWDC_2015_Video_Subtitle, ohoachuck/wwdc-downloader, and @onevcat's videos. Thanks for their inspiration and efforts. 👏


WWDCHelper is a command line tool on macOS for you to get WWDC info easily. Now you can get download links of SD/HD video & PDF, and download subtitles in English, Janpanese (only WWDC 2018 & 2019), and even Simplified Chinese directly by it.

You can also download subtitles at the releases page.


Although I have written in Swift for years, I still have a lot to learn about Swift. And to be honest, CLI (Command Line Interface) is not familiar for me. So this program is not perfect, even a little wired. So you can issue me if you have any questions, advices or find some bugs . I will be very appreciated for your help. ❤️



You should have Swift Package Manager installed or latest Xcode installed with command line tools in your macOS.

> git clone https://github.com/kingcos/WWDCHelper.git
> cd WWDCHelper
> ./install.sh


WWDCHelper -h


  • Update: If you want to get all sessions info of WWDC 2019 (Including videos' download links):
> wwdchelper -y 2019
  • Update: - If you want to download subtitles in English of WWDC 2019:
# HD Videos:
> wwdchelper -y 2019 -l eng
# SD Videos:
> wwdchelper -y 2019 --sd -l eng
  • If you just want to get Session 202 & 203 info of WWDC 2019:
> wwdchelper -s 202 203
> wwdchelper -y 2019 -s 202 203
> wwdchelper --year 2019 --sesions 202 203
  • If you want to download subtitles in English of Session 202 & 203 for SD videos:
> wwdchelper -s 202 203 -l eng --sd
> wwdchelper --year 2019 --sessions 202 203 --language eng --sd
  • If you want to download all subtitles in English for HD videos, and specify the path (NOT recommend):
> wwdchelper -l eng -p /Users/kingcos/Downloads/hd/eng/

NOT Implemented

Maybe implement these features in the future.

  • Download multiple subtitles at once
  • Support subtitles in all languages that provided
  • Support ALL WWDC (2012 ~ 2019)
  • Swift 4.1
  • Swift 4.2
  • Swift 5.0
  • ☐ Support for Linux 🐧



  • MIT


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Release Notes

WWDC 2019 Subtitles
1 year ago


  • Subtitles of WWDC 2019 in English, Chinese, & Japanese are provided now.
  • Subtitles of session 601 & 802 in Chinese & session 808 in Japanese have no content officially.
  • Fixed this issue: WWDC 2019什么时候支持一下呢? #19

  • [TODO] Subtitle of session 808 in Japanese doesn't download successfully.

  • Only English & Chinese version now.
  • Japanese version will be updated recently.
  • Subtitles of session 601 & 802 in Chinese have some issues officially.

  • Only English version now.
  • Chinese & Japanese version will be updated recently.

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