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kiliankoe/GeoJSON 0.6.1
🌍 Swift types for working with GeoJSON data
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.package(url: "https://github.com/kiliankoe/GeoJSON.git", from: "0.6.1")


This is a Swift package for working with GeoJSON data. It contains necessary types conforming to Codable for easy de-/encoding of data.

The implementation of this package tries to follow the specification defined in RFC 7946 as closely as possible. One exception are Foreign Members, which - according to the spec - MAY be implemented, but are not supported at all by this package.


You can give this package a quick spin by cloning the repository and running swift run --repl inside it.


Create a FeatureCollection or just a single Feature to create some GeoJSON data.

let features = FeatureCollection(features: [
        geometry: .point(Point(longitude: 125.6, latitude: 10.1)),
        properties: [
            "name": "Dinagat Island"

let json = try JSONEncoder().encode(features)


It works the same way in the other direction. Use a standard JSONDecoder to decode GeoJSON data into a fitting type.

let features = try JSONDecoder().decode(FeatureCollection.self, from: json)

If you don't know if the data to decode is a Feature or FeatureCollection, decode a value of type GeoJSONDocument, which handles both.

let document = try JSONDecoder().decode(GeoJSONDocument.self, from: json)
switch document {
case .feature(let feature):
    // ...
case .featureCollection(let featureCollection):
    // ...


This package is available via Swift Package Manager, add its clone URL to your project to get started.


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