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🌯 EmealKit

Swift library for accessing some of the meal related data the Studentenwerk Dresden has to offer.

Quick Start

Current Meal or Canteen Information

Meal.for(canteen: .alteMensa, on: Date()) { result in
    guard let meals = result.success else { return }
    for meal in meals {

Canteen.all { result in
    guard let canteens = result.success else { return }
    for canteen in canteens {

Both of these requests also offer publishers for use with Combine.


Talk to the Cardservice to acquire data about your Emeal card. You will need to have registered for Autoload to have the necessary authentication details.

Cardservice.login(username: "1234567890", password: "hunter2") { result in
    guard let service = result.success else { return }
    service.carddata { result in
        guard let data = result.success else { return }
    let twoDaysAgo = Date().addingTimeInterval(-60 * 60 * 24 * 2)
    let now = Date()
    service.transactions(begin: twoDaysAgo, end: now) { result in
        guard let transactions = result.success else { return }

NFC Scanning

EmealKit also handles scanning the Emeal card via NFC if your device supports it. Just create an Emeal object, conform to EmealDelegate and call beginNFCSession.

class YourEmealHandler: EmealDelegate {
    let emeal: Emeal
    init() {
        let strings = LocalizedEmealStrings(/*...*/)
        emeal = Emeal(localizedStrings: strings)
        emeal.delegate = self
        // Call this to start the NFC session.
    func readData(currentBalance: Double, lastTransaction: Double) {
        // Gets called on a successful scan.
    func invalidate(with error: Error) {
        // Called on errors.


EmealKit is available through Swift Package Manager.

.package(url: "https://github.com/kiliankoe/EmealKit.git", from: "<#latest#>")

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