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An iOS framework to render web content overlay over any app.

How To Use the Library in Other App:

  1. Open xcode project of you app.

  2. Select the xcode project file and go to Swift packages tab xcode project

  3. Tap on + button from packages section and mention https://github.com/khurram18/WebOverlay in textfield on Choose Package Repository window and click next. dependency

  4. On the next screen in rules scrion select Version, select Up to Next Major from drop down and wrote 1.0.8 in version field and click next. dependency version

  5. Check WebOverlay from Choose package products and targets screen and select your app appropriate target and then click finish. add target

  6. In side your AppDelegate class add import statement import WebOverlay

  7. Also in AppDelegate in application(didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) and in applicationWillEnterForeground methods call WebOverlay.sharedInstance.start(with:)

  8. Whenever you need to show the web overlay just call WebOverlay.sharedInstance.show() i.e inside your button action method

@IBAction func showButtonTap(_ sender: Any) {

A sample demo app can be found at https://github.com/khurram18/WebOverlayDemo


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