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kharrison/ScaledFont 1.0.4
ScaledFont - Using custom fonts with dynamic type
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🕓 9 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
9 weeks ago
# Improved Platform Compatibility Fixes failing build and unit tests for tvOS and watchOS. ## Change Log * Build for tvOS and watchOS * Unit tests were failing as Noteworthy font was only available on iOS. Switch to Futura so unit tests also work on tvOS and watchOS.
38 weeks ago
# Minor update to README Documentation updates. ## Change Log * Add note to README with example of using ScaledFont with a presented SwiftUI view like a sheet (see #3). [f2e10cf](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/f2e10cf764b09696d4f4203d9390054999a853fb)
40 weeks ago
# Minor Release Small documentation updates and code style cleanup ## Change Log * Add a link to the README for the SwiftUI blog post [43b5c97](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/43b5c97b391c73366377e0f483daa335f179bf4f) * Correct typo in README [77fb581](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/77fb58130fac5f00affa2a5cad438afb4196e63e) * Clean up internal/public access control [912f10f](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/912f10fb674dba427f6148d851f2d19ee475d511)
44 weeks ago
Initial release
44 weeks ago
# Minor bug fix release Fix a couple of minor issues to ignore the Xcode files in the `.swiftpm` folder and move the style examples to a folder at the root of the package. ## Change Log * Add .swiftpm to gitignore [b4defe1](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/b4defe12893c903a60645a420e1dcc9275e02871) #1 * Remove the previously committed .swiftpm files [5c8d54f](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/5c8d54f1200f770def933ae52a3a0f9cfd0004cb) #1 * Move Examples folder out of sources [68ec23](https://github.com/kharrison/ScaledFont/commit/68ec23fa183192ba783fa6efd2dc869299981d68) #2
iOS watchOS tvOS
kharrison/CoreDataKit 1.0.5
Core Data Helper Package
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🕓 2 weeks ago
iOS macOS watchOS tvOS

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