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MacPin creates OSX & [iOS](#iOS) apps for websites & webapps, configured with JavaScript. ![screenie](/dock_screenshot.png?raw=true)

The Browser UI is very minimal, just a toolbar (with site tabs) that disappears in Full-Screen mode.

(I have thoughts to allow browser UI to be replaceable by supplying React or Vue/Weex
JS scripts... XUL worked great for Mozilla, amirite?)

MacPin apps are shown in the Dock (or Springboard on iOS), tabbing App Switcher, & Launchpad.
New apps need only a single highest-res 1:1 PNG badge to be supplied for all of these representations.

Custom URL schemes can also be registered to launch a MacPin App from any other app on your Mac.

There are a few development branches with their own requirements:

  • swift2.3: Requires OSX 10.11 "El Capitan" with Safari Technical Preview and Xcode 8.2.3 installed.
    • This branch is no longer maintained.
  • swift4.0: Requires OSX 10.12 "Sierra" with Safari Technical Preview and Xcode 9 installed.
    • This is the current development target.

Included Apps in the Release

Hangouts.app: SMS/IM/Video chat client for the desktop

Google Voice and Project Fi users can make & take phone calls and SMS/MMS messages.

New incoming messages are shown in the system's Notification Center,
which you can click on to reply back in the app.

Some optional goodies you can install:

  • [Call Phone with Hangouts](extras/Call Phone with Hangouts.workflow): (OSX) Call text-selected phone numbers from the context menu (right-click)
  • AddressBookHangoutsPlugin: (OSX) click-to-call phone number fields in Contacts and Spotlight

Several browser extensions can also make phone numbers found in webpages clickable.

When receiving a call, Hangouts.app will automatically steal focus so you can quickly answer or reject the call using the keyboard:

  • press Enter or Spacebar to accept the call
  • press Escape or Backspace to decline it

Hooked URLs:

Messenger.app: RIP WhatsApp in your Facebook while you Facebook

WhatsApp.app: WhatsApp, this app is. HAP!

Slack.app: A hackable runtime for Slack (your co-workers will be thrilled)

Salesforce.app: ALWAYS BE CLOSING without tying up your main browser

Trello.app: Mind-mapper and project planner

Hooked URLs:

  • [trello:](trello:search for something)

Vine.app: Mobile-layout edition for the desktop

  • shows a single-column stream
  • does not preload any videos
  • makes the controls mouse-friendly

YouTube_TV.app: TV edition for the desktop.

Facebook.app: It knows who your friends are.

  • mobile edition
  • ~~Facebook-in-your-facebook sidebars~~

Hooked URLs:

  • [facebook:](facebook:search for something)

CloudPebble.app: Use the Interweb to program your Dick Tracy watch.

ERMAHGERD ClerdPehble mah favrit smurtwerch & IDE evar!

DevDocs.app: Code documentaion browser for most front-end frameworks

Hooked URLs:

Creating an App

Some call these Apps Site-specific Browsers or Hybrid apps.
They are configured with an imperative JavaScript which you need to copy-paste and customize.

Userscripts can be added to facilitate posting to the Notification Center & recalling webapp locations/state from those posts.

Eventually, I plan to make a UI wizard to generate MacPin apps from MacPin. But for now:

cd ~/src/MacPin
mkdir sites/MySite
cp sites/MacPin/app.js sites/MySite
$EDITOR sites/MySite/app.js

# find a large & square .png for the app, like an App Store image.
cp ~/Pictures/MySite.png sites/MySite/icon.png

make sites/MySite/
open builds/macosx-x86*/apps/MySite.app
# test, tweak, lather, repeat

make install
open -a MySite.app

sample app.js

/*eslint-env applescript*/
/*eslint eqeqeq:0, quotes:0, space-infix-ops:0, curly:0*/
"use strict";

var delegate = {}; // our delegate to receive events from the webview app

delegate.AppFinishedLaunching = function() {
	$.browser.tabSelected = new $.WebView({
		url: "http://vine.co",
		preinject: ['unpreloader'], // this prevents buffering every video in a feed. If you have a fast Mac and Internet, comment out this line
		postinject: ['styler'],
		agent: "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/12B411" // mobile version doesnt autoplay on mouseover

delegate; //return this to macpin

Hacking MacPin

Its written in Swift using WKWebView and NSTabViewController with a fully programmatic NIB-less UI layout.
You need Xcode 9 installed on OSX to get the Swift compiler and Cocoa headers.
Otherwise $EDITOR and make are your fork and knife.

vim execs/MacPin.swift
vim modules/MacPin/*.swift
make test.app
# CTRL-D when finished debugging ...
make only=sim test.ios

Web Inspector can be accessed for any tab by right clicking in the page and selecting "Inspect Element" from the context menu.
Debug builds (make test|test.app|repl) can be remotely inspected from Safari->Develop->

The JavaScript API for app construction is undocumented and non-final.
If you want to play with it, run any MacPin app with the -i argument in Terminal to get a JS console (or make repl).
Safari can also remotely inspect the JSContext of debug builds.

Browser functionality currently unimplementable in WKWebKit:

  • Status Bar
    • Drag any link some distance to see a URL preview. Force Touch previewing should also work.
    • a JS emulation should be possible to preview any hovered links

Some things I just haven't had need to write, but wouldn't mind having:

  • Global history
  • Undo/redo for Tab closings

use MacPin to make hybrid apps from existing projects

cd ~/src/SomeWebApp
test -d browser/SomeWebApp.com &&
  make -C ~/src/MacPin macpin_sites=$PWD/browser appdir=$PWD/hybrid xcassetdir=$PWD/hybrid $PWD/hybrid/SomeWebApp.com.app
open hybrid/SomeWebApp.com.app

Safari Technology Preview

The future of MacPin is now! Install Safari Technology Preview first. use make stp & make stp.app to link and run MacPin against STP's WebKit. This makes up-and-coming WKWebView changes (find UI, printing) actually work!


Basic support has landed for generating iOS apps.
Its kinda pointless for most of sites/* since native apps exist for all of them.
But maybe you want to quickly package a React.js application for offline mobile use...

Other WebKit browsers:


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