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kevnm67/MobileCI v0.0.1
Messing around with orbs.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/kevnm67/MobileCI.git", from: "v0.0.1")

Mobile CI

CI playground mainly testing circle CI orbs and GitHub actions.

Service Status
Circle CI
Travis CI
Bitrise io
Code Coverage

Swift 5.1 Version GitHub release Carthage Compatible SPM


A playground for GitHub actions and CI's for iOS development.



Git Hook automation for Swift and Xcode projects. A port of Husky to Swift.

  • Install Komondor by running swift run komondor install

Continuous integration

Circle CI

The config file defines multiple jobs and the workflow for circle builds.

Travis CI

See .travis.yml


GitHub Actions


A Github Action to automatically bump and tag master, on merge, with the latest SemVer formatted version.

  • A tag is automatically created for release branches.
  • Manual Bumping is possible by including any of the following in a commit message: #major, #minor, or #patch
    • NOTE: If multiple are present the highest-ranking takes precedence.


  • ☑ Circle CI with a custom ORB
  • ☑ Travis CI
  • ☑ Bitrise CI
  • ☑ Caching strategy - CI build performance
  • ☐ git commit hooks
  • ☐ Circle CI ORB example
  • ☐ Documentation

GitHub actions.

  • ☑ Tag action
  • ☐ Auto label
  • ☐ Auto merge
  • ☐ GitFlow



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