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kelvin13/swift-hash v0.4.3
hashes, checksums, and hextools for server applications
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.package(url: "https://github.com/kelvin13/swift-hash.git", from: "v0.4.3")


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swift-hash is an inline-only microframework providing generic, pure-Swift implementations of various hashes, checksums, and binary utilities.


This package vends the following library products:

  1. Base16

    Tools for encoding to and decoding from base-16 strings.

  2. Base64

    Tools for encoding to and decoding from base-64 strings.

  3. CRC

    Implements CRC-32 checksums.

  4. MessageAuthentication

    Implements hash-based message authentication codes (HMACs) through protocols that types in the other modules conform to.

  5. SHA2

    Implements the SHA-256 hashing function.

unofficial products

This package vends an unofficial product called Testing, which contains a unit-testing framework used by this package and a handful of others. At some point it will graduate to its own repository; depending on it in its current state is not recommended!

  1. Testing

    A unit-testing framework.


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Release Notes

3 weeks ago
  • relaxes the input requirement of Base16 and Base64 decoders to skip over non-digit characters. (previously, the library was interpreting them as zeroes).

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