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kelvin13/swift-biome v0.2.0
create integrated multi-module, multi-package API reference docs
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Entrapta is now SwiftBiome!

Biome is a pure-Swift documentation engine for generating and retrieving DocC-style API reference pages. Biome aims to be backwards-compatible with the ad-hoc Markdown-based documentation formats popular among many existing Swift packages. For example, Biome can import symbol graphs for the Swift standard library and render them as DocC-style reference pages, even though the Swift standard library is not documented in a DocC-compatible format.


Since 0.2.0, Biome (formerly named Entrapta) is no longer a site generator. Instead, it is meant to be the back-end component of a web server or a static site generator. Biome handles symbol graph parsing, cross-linking, organization, presentation, HTML rendering, and query routing.

A major design goal of Biome is to support multi-package, multi-module use cases. Over time, as the Swift package ecosystem has matured, more and more people are writing Swift on non-Apple platforms. Unlike in the early days of Swift, when large monolithic frameworks such as Foundation or UIKit were the norm, the Swift Package Manager has enabled greater modularization and atomization of Swift libraries. This is a good thing for the Swift community! However, this also exposes the limitations of single-module documentation engines, which do not provide an easy way to navigate between symbols in different, interconnected modules, or filter-out irrelevant imports.

Biome powers the Swift standard library reference at swiftinit.org/reference/swift! It mostly has parity with the existing Apple Swift reference, although Biome doesn’t have access to the topical organization Apple uses on their site, so it uses a default, hierarchical organization for the standard library pages. There are a few missing features we are actively working on implementing:

  • Deprecation and availability tables

  • Parsing ad-hoc function parameter documentation from Markdown comments

  • An auto-complete function

  • Links from API reference pages to original source code

  • Detecting default implementations

Biome already has a few features the Apple docs do not:

  • Marking overridden protocol requirements as associatedtype inference hints, to reduce symbol clutter in namespaces like BidirectionalCollection.

  • Fast, fuzzy typeahead search.

  • Placing protocol requirements in their own section.

  • Stable links to API reference pages, and a robust overload disambiguation system based on compiler-mangled symbol names.

  • Cross-package and cross-module symbol linking

  • URL normalization

  • Reduced need for disambiguation suffixes like -enum or -struct

Since 0.2.0, Biome now uses swift-symbolgraph-extract as its static analysis backend. This greatly reduces the amount of effort needed to write Biome-compatible documentation comments, and provides much more accurate symbol linking and relationship analysis. However, the information swift-symbolgraph-extract provides is much more limited than what Biome 0.1.0 had access to, which means the following features are no longer implemented:

  • Symbol linking and member lookup on associatedtypes, generics, and typealiases

  • Generic constraint-based member lookup

  • Symbol linking inside code blocks

  • Symbol links from the punctuation characters in sugared forms of Array ([_]), Dictionary ([_:_]), and Optional (_?) to the appropriate reference pages

  • Links from metatype suffixes (.Type, .Protocol) and keyword types (Any) to relevant chapters of the The Swift Programming Language

  • Links for built-in operator lexemes (the lexemes themselves, not the functions that use them as identifiers)

  • Links and reference pages for custom operator lexemes

  • Annotations for members satisfying protocol requirements

We are working on resurrecting some of these features using swift-syntax and information provided by the new symbol graph backend.


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