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Noise is a free, pure Swift procedural noise generation library. It is free of Foundation or any other Apple framework, and has no dependencies. All popular types of procedural noise are supported, including three gradient noises (often called Perlin or simplex noises), and two cellular noises (sometimes called Worley or Voronoi noises). Noise includes a fractal brownian motion (FBM) noise composition framework, and a disk point sampler (often called a Poisson sampler), for generating visually even point distributions in the plane. Noise also includes pseudo-random number generation and hashing tools.

Noise’s entire public API is documented.


Build Noise with the Swift Package Manager. Noise itself has no dependencies, but the tests depend on MaxPNG, my free Swift PNG library, to view the generated noise.


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1.0.0 - Jun 12, 2017

The first production ready release of the Noise library, with support for several types of gradient noise (“Perlin noise”), cell noise (“Worley noise” or “Voronoi noise”), poisson disk sampling, and fractal brownian motion, among other things.

Documentation is available on the project wiki.