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Mac Windows

Provide information about Application Windows running and activate and Application.

Important: This package does not work on Windows or Linux


To install mac-windows in your project add it using NPM

npm install --save mac-windows

After that you can import the various functions as follows:

import { getWindows, activateWindow } from 'mac-windows';


const getWindows = require('mac-windows').getWindows


getWindows(opts: Object): Array

Returns a Promise with an array containing an object for each Application currently in the screen. Information included for each Application:

  • pid: Process Id of the Application
  • ownerName: Name of the Application (e.g. Google Chrome)
  • name: Title of the main window of the application (e.g. Github)
  • width: Current width of the main window
  • height: Current height of the main window
  • x: Horizontal position of the main window
  • y: Vertical position of the main window
import { getWindows } from 'mac-windows';

getWindows().then(windows => {

    pid: 320,
    ownerName: 'Finder',
    name: 'Desktop',
    width: 770,
    height: 436,
    x: 295,
    y: 100 
  }, {
    pid: 11734,
    ownerName: 'Google Chrome',
    name: 'karaggeorge/mac-windows',
    width: 1276,
    height: 778,
    x: 0,
    y: 23

Extra options that can be passed in to getWindows:

| Name | Description | Type | Default Value | |---|---|---|---| | showAllWindows | Return all the windows for each Application instead of just the main one | bool | false | | onScreenOnly | Return the windows from all the Applications even if they are not in the current screen | bool | true |

NOTE: Swift and the AppKit Package don't support activating a specific window at the moment. When activating an Application the main window will be brought to the front. That is the last window that was used.

activateWindow(windowName: String)

Activate the Application whose ownerName matches the given windowName.

Activating an Application will cause the Application's main window to come to the front of the screen.

import { activateWindow } from 'mac-windows';



Please feel free to submit a Pull Request, report a Bug or propose a Feature!

Thanks to the projects this was inspired by: Active Window

This package was created for Kap


MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) George Karagkiaouris 2017.


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