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Kai Programming Language

An expressive low level programming language.


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Featured projects

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  • KaiNES: A pure-Kai NES emulator.
  • KaiVM: A register-based VM and disassembler.

Download and Install


You can download and install Kai through our homebrew tap.

brew install kai-language/tap/kai


In the future, Kai will offer official binary distribution through apt and other package managers. See building Kai.

Building Kai

Before you can begin building Kai, you must install the following dependencies:

  • Swift 4.0
  • LLVM 4
  • libgit2

Swift 4

On Mac, the preferred way to install Swift 4 is by installing Xcode. After installing Xcode, make sure to run it once and say yes to installing the command-line tools.


By far, the easiest way to install LLVM on Mac is through brew. After setting up brew, run the following to install the correct version of LLVM:

brew install llvm@4.0

Using LLVM with Swift Package Manager

Now that LLVM is installed, append the directory to your path in ~/.bash_profile


In order for Swift Package Manager to build against LLVM's libraries, we need to setup a pkg-config file. Thankfully, LLVMSwift has a script for this:

Grab the script by running swift package update in Kai's root directory. Then, run:

swift .build/checkouts/LLVMSwift.git-<version-here>/utils/make-pkgconfig.swift


Just like LLVM, libgit2 can be installed through brew.

brew install libgit2