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Grades iOS

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Client iOS application for student evaluation management server at Faculty of Information Technologies, Czech Technical University in Prague.

🛠 Setup

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Run carthage bootstrap
  3. Request access to encrypted configuration files from the repository owner.

🔗 Dependency management

The app uses Carthage package manager for dependency management. After cloning the repo, run carthage bootstrap to correctly install required frameworks.

Additionally, you should have following frameworks installed system-wide:

⚙️ Configuration

All configuration related files are located in Configuration folder. There are several files:

  • .plist files - all configuration for different environments (one file for each) and common configuration
  • EnvironmentConfiguration - class for extracting configuration from .plist files and providing strongly typed interface

Important note: All plist files are not checked to the repository, but are encrypted and stored in .gitsecret folder. This is achieved by git-secret tool. Only validated contributors with gpg RSA key-pair can access these files.

Adding a value

  1. Add key and value to plist file (common or any environment)
  2. Provide new strongly typed variable in EnvironmentConfiguration extension

Adding an environment

  1. Add environment in your project info
  2. Add correct string to $(CONFIG_ENVIRONMENT) in app's build settings
  3. Add ENVIRONMENT_NAME.plist file (replace ENVIRONMENT_NAME it with real environment name)
  4. EnvironmentConfiguration class may need update


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beta-v0.1.2 - May 22, 2019

  • student - display courses and evaluation, receive push notifications about evaluation changes
  • teacher - manage student's evaluation or group grades