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johnfairh/Bebop v1.10.1
API docs generation for Swift and Objective-C
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.package(url: "https://github.com/johnfairh/Bebop.git", from: "v1.10.1")


Bebop: Jazzy API docs generation with extra bits. There are bells and whistles.

  • Swift/Objc/Both everywhere
  • Localize everything, doc comments to images
  • Input SPM/Xcodeproj/Podspec/binary .swiftmodule, output html/dash docset/markdown, various flavors of json
  • Multi-module/multi-pass
  • Commonmark + extensions + custom extensions, KaTeX
  • Apple/Jazzy/Hybrid/Custom layout
  • Flexible web theme, keybinds, more navigation
  • Integrate with other docsets, Docc sites, online/inline Apple docs, github/gitlab/bitbucket/custom
  • Mostly compatible with Jazzy CLI / config file / themes -- migration aide+
  • Experiment with monolithic project and heavy dependencies



brew install johnfairh/bebop/bebop/

Builds from source, takes a while.

Linux, approximately:

git clone [email protected]:johnfairh/Bebop.git
apt-get install libsqlite3-dev libsass0 libsass-dev
make install



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Last commit: 5 weeks ago
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Release Notes

5 weeks ago
  • Fixes for projects using Swift 5.9

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