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SwiftSyntaxStubExporter provides all SwiftSyntaxStubs structs (found at https://github.com/joehinkle11/SwiftSyntaxStubs) the ability to be exported the JSON. This export ability is put in this separate repo to allow the App Maker App Clip to use the smallest possible version of the Swift Syntax Stubs.


Don't work directly on the .swift files, but instead work on SwiftSyntaxStubs.swift.gyb and run build-script.py to produce all the Swift.

Swift Versions

Following SwiftSyntax's format...

| Xcode Release | Swift Release Tag | SwiftSyntax Release Tag | SwiftSyntaxStubs Release Tag | SwiftSyntaxStubExporter Release Tag | |:-------------------:|:-------------------:|:-------------------------:|:-------------------------:|:-------------------------:| | Xcode 12.0 | swift-5.3-RELEASE | 0.50300.0 | 0.50300.0 | 0.50300.0 |


  • SwiftSyntaxStubExporter relies on a modified version of Apple's GYB (GYB2) which allows a simple GYB file to produce multiple Swift files.
  • The default branch is main, not master

Related Efforts

I'm making some repos open and free, but I'm working on some closed-sourced projects which directly use this repo. If you're interested in helping me with those efforts, don't hesitate to contact me.

  • EditableSwiftSyntax (private) while this does not directly use this repo, this project is related to my project App Maker and allows SwiftSyntax to be edited easily by a UI client
  • SwiftSyntaxStubs stub structs of AST created by SwiftSyntax
  • SwiftSyntaxToStubs (private) converts a AST in SwiftSyntax to the stubs found in this repo (SwiftSyntaxStubs)
  • SwiftInterpreter (private) runs through populated stub nodes in this repo (SwiftSyntaxStubs) to interpret the Swift code
  • GYB2 is a simple modifiation of Apple's GYB that allows exporting to multiple Swift files
  • gyb_syntax_support mirrors the gyb_syntax_support found in Apple's Swift source


  • https://github.com/apple/swift-syntax
  • https://github.com/apple/swift
  • https://github.com/joehinkle11/gyb_syntax_support
  • http://github.com/joehinkle11/GYB2


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