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jocosocial/swiftarr 20220429
The V3 Twitarr server and templated web interface.
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🕓 38 weeks ago
.package(url: "https://github.com/jocosocial/swiftarr.git", from: "20220429")


Swiftarr is the back-end engine of Twit-arr, implementing API v3. Swiftarr is unsurprisingly written entirely in Swift, using the asynchronous Vapor framework. Swiftarr runs wherever server-side Swift is officially supported though it has only been tested on MacOS and Linux.

To get started check out the documentation at https://docs.twitarr.com or in ./docs!


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Last commit: 2 weeks ago
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Release Notes

37 weeks ago

Last build that we did on boat.

Changelog since start of sailing (2023.1):

  • Fix error with moderation of forum posts in site UI.
  • Workaround for viewing LFG/Seamail in context in moderation site UI.
  • Ensure that forums with no posts don't break rendering their category page in the site UI.
  • Convert WebSocketStorage from Struct to Class to help address threading issue with Vapor Storage.
  • Make UserCacheStorage a singleton to help address threading issue with Vapor Storage.
  • Add Vapor as a submodule to help address threading issue with Vapor Storage.

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