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Changes for OsteoShiny version : 1.2.8

Minor changes:

Added vb script to generate a .lnk shortcut rather than using a .bat file

Added .desktop for Linux

Added .command for mac

Updated measurement standards table switching Sca_03 to 44 and Sca_04 to 43

Removed plyr as dependency

Removed shinythemes as dependency

Adjusted articulation default options

Cleaned up code indenting and changed default bootstrap theme to yeti (smaller font looks cleaner across different screen resolutions)

Bug fixes:

Added conditional statement to remove images in 2D analysis, if present, when clicking the clear action button. This prevents crashing when running fragmentary analysis prior to complete. The new images are not overwritten so the old images are run through the analysis.

Added conditional statements to prevent UI crashing with articulation and pair-matching missing values


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v1.2.7 - Dec 17, 2017

Changes for OsteoShiny version : 1.2.7

Minor changes: Updated Example_Data Adjusted output text

Moderate changes: Added ability to select alpha level cutoff for PCACCA-regression statistics modal (which is now the default option) Adjusted default threads to n-1

v1.2.6 - Dec 15, 2017


A Shiny based GUI R package for the OsteoSort package.

Changes for OsteoShiny version : 1.2.6


Updated grammatical typos

Adjusted default elements displayed for association and articulation

Update to user guide for technical changes

Bug fix:

Update example data file name

v1.2.4 - Dec 14, 2017

Changes for OsteoShiny version : 1.2.4

Minor: Version numbers now provided for OsteoSort, OsteoShiny, platform, and R. These should be used for referencing analytical reports.

Bug fix: Create desktop shortcut now works

v1.2.3 - Dec 14, 2017


User interface redesign update.

Changes for OsteoShiny version : 1.2.3

Minor changes:

Added ability to dynamically pull the installed OsteoSort version to display in the top left corner.

Moderate changes:

Added new navbarMenu for help options

Added datatable to quickly sort the conversion table for measurement nomenclature

v1.2.2 - Dec 10, 2017


A Shiny based GUI R package for the OsteoSort package.

Changes for OsteoShiny version 1.2.2:


Minor changes:

Removed number of smooth iterations for 2D method.

Removed Procrustes distance as an option from 2D settings.

Changed function call for match.2d.invariant to match.2d

Updated Help page information.

Updated user manual (15.NOVEMBER.2017).

Overhaul of UI to simplify.

Added fragmentary example data.

Moderate changes:

Added options for fragmented 2D analysis to the 2D module.

Redesigned the 2D interface and fixed several minor bugs resulting in shiny crashes.

Added dilated hausdorff distance to 2D settings.

Added statistical option to change from 1 to 2 tail t-tests.

Removed shinyBS dep for bsModals.

Switched terminology from cores to threads for functions.

Bug fixes:

Fixed issue with returning a single match for 2D not being a data.frame.

Fixed outlier modules crashing when no output options are selected.