Package - jjlynch2/OsteoShiny


A Shiny based GUI R package for the OsteoSort package.

Changes for OsteoShiny version 1.2.2:


Minor changes:

Removed number of smooth iterations for 2D method.

Removed Procrustes distance as an option from 2D settings.

Changed function call for match.2d.invariant to match.2d

Updated Help page information.

Updated user manual (15.NOVEMBER.2017).

Overhaul of UI to simplify

Moderate changes:

Added options for fragmented 2D analysis to the 2D module.

Redesigned the 2D interface and fixed several minor bugs resulting in shiny crashes.

Added dilated hausdorff distance to 2D settings.

Bug fixes:

Fixed issue with returning a single match for 2D not being a data.frame.


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v1.2.1 - Oct 28, 2017


A Shiny based GUI R package for the OsteoSort package.

Changes for OsteoShiny version 1.2.1:


Added a new module to test the strength of evidence for an antemortem stature to postmortem measurement

Minor changes:

Added ability to switch output metric between inches, millimeters, and centimeters for the statsort function.

Adjusted the descriptive statistic outputs to be more generalized.

Re-ran roxygenize for man pages.

Adjusted width of left sidebar.

Updated text on help page.

Added example data for all methods.

Bug fixes:

Fixed error with quotes around desktop icon path creation for Windows.

Fixed the settings interface for 2D so max and average are available for Hausdorff rather than just Segmented-Hausdorff.

Appended Osc_05 measurement to settings for metric outlier analysis.

Fixed HTML code appear in windowTitle.

v1.1.1 - Aug 8, 2017

Minor update for transposed measurement names in the single pairwise comparison interface.

v1.1.0 - Aug 2, 2017

Changes for OsteoShiny version 1.1.0:

Bug fixes: Switch to using a loop for large file zip archive creation to avoid crashing. The new way appends one file at a time to an archive. Changed variable name ID from template and argument input to lowercase id to avoid excel bug with csv sylk file error.

API changes: Removed plotme function in favor of generating plots directly in the OsteoSort package.

Document changes: Updated help guide with grammatical changes. Updated all man pages for argument changes.

Module changes: Removed 3D demo due to javascript bug with the example.

Other changes: Added an action button to create desktop icon to start OsteoShiny

v1.0.5 - Jul 21, 2017

Quick fix to include zip library to deprecate Rtools dep.

v1.0.4 - Jul 21, 2017

Latest stable release