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jitsi/webrtc v118.0.0
WebRTC mirror for building react-native-webrtc
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.package(url: "https://github.com/jitsi/webrtc.git", from: "v118.0.0")


This repository contains the WebRTC source code used to build the libraries used by react-native-webrtc.

For a given stable Chrome release (92 as an example) there will be 2 branches in this repository: M92-upstream and M92.

The former is an untouched branch off upstream, with the latter containing custom patches. All the patches we apply are submitted upstream once testes, or abandoned.


Builds are currently done by @saghul manually (since they require testing and potentially updating react-native-webrtc). Custom builds can be made with this build script.


Releases will follow the following versioning scheme: Chrome Major Version.0.Release Number


These builds are also published on CocoaPods with the name "JitsiWebRTC".

Starting with version 106 the builds don't contain bitcode (they do contain embedded dSYM slices).

Swift Package Manager

As of release 106.0.0 a Package.swift file is provided for Swift Package Manager support.


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Release Notes

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