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jaredsinclair/etcetera 2.2
Stuff I need often enough to that's too small to exist on its own.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/jaredsinclair/etcetera.git", from: "2.2")


Apple platform utilities I need on almost every project but which, individually, are too small to exist on their own.

So What

Etcetera is a mish-mash of extensions and utility classes. Every file in this repository is (mostly) intended to stand on its own, requiring nothing except some first-party Apple frameworks.


Swift Package Manager is the de rigeur solution these days. Adding a Swift package to an Xcode project is absurdly easy. I don't use Cocoapods or Carthage, and I have no interest in adding support for them.


  • The Activity approach to the os_activity wrapper is based on work by Zach Waldowski.


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Release Notes

3 years ago

Refactor @Shared wrapper.

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