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Easily migrate a computer from one Jamf server to another.

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Use ReEnroller to build a package to take a macOS device enrolled in one Jamf server and enroll it into another.

  • Ability to add (and then remove) a profile to the package. This can help maintain a WiFi connection while migrating.
  • Machine attempts to fail back to original server if enrollment in the new server fails.
  • Specify the number of attempts and interval between attempts for enrolling in the new server.
  • Can also be used for initial enrollments.
  • Enroll into a specific site.
  • Can automatically create a policy to verify enrollment in the new server.
  • Select a policy to run after a successful enrollment.
  • Deploy the package with policy or push it to an individual machine from within the app.

Important: After enrolling in the new server the user must approve the MDM profile for macOS 10.13 and above.

**Be sure to view the help for detailed usage instructions.

Thanks @fauxserve for coming up with the idea and initial bash version.


  • 19-11-14: Fixed issue that prevented the re-enrollment process from working if the ReEnroller app was on the machine prior to running the package.


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ReEnroller v4.6.0 - 2019-10-05 23:40:08

Resolved issue that prevented the package from installing properly when the ReEnroller app was present while the package install was running.