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Swift Function Builder for creating NSMenuItems
.package(url: "https://github.com/j-f1/MenuBuilder.git", from: "v2.0.0")


A function builder for NSMenus, similar in spirit to SwiftUI’s ViewBuilder.

Usage example (see demo for more details):

let menu = NSMenu {
  MenuItem("Click me")
    .onSelect { print("clicked!") } 
  MenuItem("Item with a view")
    .view {
      MyMenuItemView() // any SwiftUI view
  MenuItem("About") {
    // rendered as disabled items in a submenu
    MenuItem("Version 1.2.3")
    MenuItem("Copyright 2021")
    .onSelect { NSApp.terminate(nil) }

// later, to replace the menu items with different/updated ones:
menu.replaceItems {
  MenuItem("Replaced item").onSelect { print("Hello!") }

Note that there is no way to preserve the existing menu items, although it should be possible to implement that — feel free to open an issue or PR adding update support if you want it!



  • (BREAKING) Migrate to @resultBuilder (Xcode 12.5+ is now required)
  • Apply modifiers to shortcuts
  • Add a MenuItem.set(WriteableKeyPath, to: Value) method to make it easier to customize the menu item
  • Add a MenuItem.apply { menuItem in } method to allow arbitrary customization of the menu item
  • Add IndentGroup to make it easier to indent several adjacent menu items
  • Add CustomMenuItem which allows you to include custom subclasses of NSMenuItem in a MenuBuilder


Fixes & cleanup


Add loop support


Add conditional support


Add license, clean up code


Initial version!


Open the MenuBuilder.xcworkspace to view the package and demo at the same time. PRs and issues are appreciated!


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