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RAY Wenderlich Vapor Screencast series

Should there be any need to deploy to heroku :

  • cd into the project

    git init
  • Initialize heroku with vapor: **vapor heroku init ** NOTE: DO NOT PUSH TO HEROKU(on the last question answer with NO) (see below)

Screenshot from 2017-04-18 16-50-52.png

  • Create a database: ** heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev **
  • Edit Procfile with the new postgresql url connection: web: App --env=production --workdir=./ --config:servers.default.port=$PORT --config:postgresql.url=$DATABASE_URL
  • The $DATABASE_URL can be consulted with heroku config
  • add the new changes
  • Push to heroku: git push heroku master

Note : I use swift 3.1 version, so for this a new file: .swift-version with 3.1 as input must be set


Install postgresql via docker:

docker pull postgres

docker run -it -p 5432:5432 --name postgres_swift -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=123456 -d postgres

Test it:

docker exec -i -t postgres_swift /bin/bash

Start it if stopped:

docker start postgres_swift

Remove it:

docker rm -f postgres_swift

Create a postgresql.json file containing the credentials to docker machine into Config/secrets/postgresql.json


{ "host": "", "user": "postgres", "password": "123456", "database": "test", "port": 5432 }


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