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TranspoterPad is app package deployment tool for everyone of development team.

App package file (.ipa/.apk) is very popular exchange app binary in team, but it's install may difficult for not engineers(ex. designers, planners, etc.).

This tool provide more easy app installation process!

How to use

Not required install Xcode or Android SDK!

  • Start TranspoterPad.app
  • Tether USB to your Mac and you can see device in TranspoterPad.
    • iOS device need authorize for connection (by iTunes or Xcode)
    • Android device need to switch Developer Mode and enable Debug Interface.
  • Drop App Package file(.ipa/.apk) in TranspoterPad window
    • also accept drop App Package link (ex. Drag Artifact link in Jenkins from Safari)
  • Then just click Beam UP! button!

If you connect many device, TranspoterPad will upload app to all devices.




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v2.1.1 - Jul 30, 2019

  • Fixed drop IPA/APK URL from Web Browser

v2.1.0 - Jul 25, 2019

スクリーンショット 2019-07-25 23 12 41

  • Support Dark Mode and apply new design
  • Support notarization

v2.0.2 - Jan 25, 2019

v2.0.1 - Jan 3, 2018

Fix Issues

  • Can't detect Android device if not device authorized. (#1)

v2.0.0 - Oct 10, 2017